What it means to be World Class?

To be World Class in Anything, you have to have an endless desire to be the best in the world at what you do and to pursue it no matter what it takes. It means having a large heart for your passion while maintaining a sense of class that others in your field do not have. YOU MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

80% Mindset

The mindset of a "World Class" performer isn't as complex as it may seem. It's all about the little things. Keeping it all organized without the fear of being slightly reckless in your creative process. There is an endless pursuit to be the best at what you do, but that also comes with not being afraid to evolve with the times. Especially at this day in age with technology and the arts always evolving and growing, it changes the way we think, the way we live, and the way we create.

It really takes a level of maturity and professionalism as well to truly be seen as World Class. Maturity to fully comprehend the steps one must take to reach an end goal, on top of having the resources (either from experience or just shear force) to accomplish them at a high level, consistently, and professionally. For me, it takes a lot of studying and brainstorming to make an idea, into a full thought. Seeing myself execute something to its full potential, multiple times definitely helps me. BUT it might be different for YOU.

The endless personal drive to improve your skills with a strong attention to detail is what separates you from the rest of the pack. That is even more eminent as a DJ, because so many people claim to be DJs in today's generation, many legit turntablists have to compete with the mathematical precision of a machine to even compete in the Nightclub industry. It takes a lot to critique your own work as an outsider, instead of the creator. I say this because, many people think that their work is amazing and phenomenal, much like having a child. Being able to be critical of your skills when it is time to perform, helps you grow immensely.  Simply recognize and prioritize things that you need to improve and knowing how to improve them, WITHOUT being told by somebody else to do so. But this level of awareness of your craft, and knowing what to expect vs. what you are delivering, doesn't come within the first 2-5 years as an amateur in your field. It REALLY starts to show as you become a novice or professional in your field around your peers. 

As you keep digging deeper into your profession, one thing that you must keep in check as a performer is your mental focus. It is very easy to go into auto pilot mode with something you have been doing for years. But every now and than you have to check yourself, before you wreck yourself. The ability to put maximum mental focus into something you may have done hundreds of times, over the past few years, will help ensure the reduction of mental mistakes. That being said, we all know that nobody is perfect, but if you have your mind focused on executing something perfectly you can recover quickly when a mistake inevitably happens.


20% Talent

Talent is something that a lot of people assume they don't have.  Simply because it's not the usual talent of Singing, Dancing, Painting, or playing a Musical Instrument, doesn't mean it isn't a special talent. Many people have multiple talents, but they usually only pick one and run with it and make it a hobby or a career.  If you haven't found your special talent, don't limit yourself to the usual Performing Arts, you might have an unusual talent. You might have a talent in juggling, accounting, business management, teaching, taking care of people, or whatever; when you find something that is SO easy for you to do and you enjoy doing it...you have found your talent. Don't be afraid of your talent, whatever it is. 

As a DJ, one of the basic fundamentals that sticks out to me is a sense of rhythm. DJs deal with music all day long, we have to be able to feel the music, in order to take an audience on a musical journey for a party. In order for us to even deal with the endless hours of digging through vinyl crates, burning a million CDs, or searching for music online for hours, we need to have a real PASSION for our craft.